Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) occurs once every year in all schools in Uganda. This year it was embraced by KCCA and they drew up a program for a week. Formally it happened in a day. Pupils, teachers and community members embraced the DEAR Day program and implemented it.  In the same way, all the pupils participated in the events, right from Nursery to Primary level.

City Parents’ School organized an hour each day throughout the week for a DEAR activity. Among the activities we had drawing, painting, book reading, summary writing, competitive poetry, singing & dancing, debate & quiz. All these in three languages (French, Luganda and English).

Below is the breakdown of the participants;

  1. Staff and Community members:
Participants Total No.
Teachers 151
Community members 20
School Librarians 3
Total 174
  1. Pupils
Gender Total No.
Girls 1351
Boys 1325
Total 2676

Therefore, 2850 people took part in the DEAR Day events.


The DEAR Week has helped to underscore the fact that reading, just like water to human beings, cannot be an overdose.  This is based on the fact that much as the proposed activities on the programme for the DEAR week are timetabled and routinely done in our school, we still effected them.

The activities we carried out had profound positive effects on the pupils, learners as well as the parents.  Below are some of the short term achievements we have registered;

  1. The DEAR week has promoted creativity among teachers and learners through poetry, word searches, puzzles, storytelling and drama.
  2. The learners were entertained and relieved of stress.
  3. A good rapport was established between the learners and the teachers as they discussed books, recited poems and debated.
  4. The DEAR week has also promoted the reading in Luganda and French as evidenced in the video clips that we captured during our book exhibition. Kindly refer to the attached.
  5. Parents have been sensitized about the importance of books by their children, e.g. there are those who bought their children personal copies of the books they read while those who had formally denied their children access to the home Library granted it to them.
  6. The reading of inspirational biographies like those of Ben Carson, Nelson Mandela among others has resulted into behavioral change and paradigm shift among learners.

Following the above achievements and many more, our school has resolved to conduct a DEAR Day every term.  We are hopeful that this will go a long way to equip skills to the future leaders as this year’s Theme stated “Uganda Reads to Lead”.