My stay in South Africa and the African Spelling Bee

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My stay in South Africa and the African Spelling Bee

To begin with, we left Uganda at 7:05 am and arrived at the South African airport at 10:44am where we waited for other participants to arrive. We left the airport at 5:00pm and arrived in Johannesburg at around 7:00pm. We then headed for Mandela Childrens Fund where we were shortly entertained before having dinner.


Thereafter, we went to Krugersdorp High School where we would reside throughout our stay, we were allocated rooms and roommates and mine was an interesting young Ethiopian boy called Yonathan and immediately we entered our beds, I drifted off into the dream world.

The next morning, at breakfast, we were given mentors and mine was called Mpho, who was pleasant to be with, friendly and also understanding. Our first destination that day was Monash University which looked quite big at the entrance but on touring it, I realized it was manageable.

kamoga-and-teacher-nabukenya-at-monarsh-university-sa spelling-bee-participants-at-monarsh-university

From there we went to clear water mall where we played video games, watched the latest Ice Age movie, had supper and headed back to our residence.

On the morning of the second day, we went back to Mandela Childrens Fund where we had been invited to celebrate Nelson Mandelas birthday. We had our faces painted, drove bumper cars and watched youth clubs perform especially the Golden Youth Club.

From there, we went to Orlando West in Soweto and had a tour around Nelson Mandelas house before going back to Krugersdorp High School.

My God, the day for the Spelling Bee had finally arrived. I was so scared and at the same time nervous. We had a quick breakfast which I really didnt want and headed for Riverstone Lodge, the venue for the Spelling Bee.


I went through the first three rounds and got knocked out in the fourth round which put me in the third position out of 24 countries.

The competition ended quickly, we received our gifts and had lunch, then we went to get souvenirs a a china mall. That night, we went to a ranch where we found they had prepared bonfires for us and we also had barbeque and drank to our fill.

On going back to the residence, we packed solemnly since we were leaving the next day and I actually felt like crying.

All in all, I had a great stay, I made new friends and I hope to visit South Africa again.

Written and compiled by

Kamoga Rahim

City Parents School

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